Three Approaches to Health in Reseda CA

Chiropractic Reseda CA 3 Phases

There are three common approaches to health and wellness. Our Reseda CA chiropractor uses Health and Wellness Promotion. Which approach makes sense to you?

Three Approaches in Reseda CA

1. Disease-Fighting. In Western society, Disease-Fighting is the most common approach to health care. Symptoms-not sources-of disease are addressed. Drugs and surgery are the preferred methods of treatment. Treatment is usually short-term, and the patient's role in treatment is limited.

When you take aspirin or painkillers to treat the symptoms of back pain, you are following the Disease-Fighting approach.

2. Prevention and Early Detection. With this approach, screening and testing procedures (such as cholesterol tests and breast exams) are used to diagnose disease. The goal is to detect disease in the early stages so that Disease-Fighting procedures may be employed before the disease progresses. Like the Disease-Fighting approach, Prevention and Early Detection is a crisis-management and reactive approach to health care.

In their practices, Limited Scope Chiropractors take Disease Fighting and Prevention and Early Detection approaches. Their goals are to provide crisis care and treat symptoms and musculoskeletal complaints, such as back and neck pain. Because of its nature, Limited Scope Chiropractic is often referred to as "mechanistic" approach to health care.

3. Health and Wellness Promotion. This is the approach of Wellness Chiropractic Care. It requires a proactive, high-level commitment to improving your health, including:

  • Regular chiropractic adjustments
  • A healthy diet
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Physical and emotional flexibility
  • Exercise
  • Proper rest

Wellness Chiropractic Care is based on the premise that your body is self-healing and self-regulating, and that the nervous system coordinates the body's innate capacity for healing. The Wellness Care Chiropractor is concerned with optimizing the function of the nervous system and promoting the body's innate healing ability. The Wellness Care Chiropractor acts as a partner-in-health and plans a cooperative journey toward wellness for each patient. The patient always has the right to decide his or her level of commitment to this journey.


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