Chiropractic Testimonials

Gain Knowledge Of Wellness

"The facility is very well equipped and the staff is kind, helpful, as well as knowledgeable and eager to share their experience and expertise. One may benefit not only from their healing care but also gain knowledge of wellness."

– Peter


"Dr. Vanderbliek and his staff are amazing and so helpful. Finally a doctor who cares about his patients and their well being. Dr. Vanderbliek took the time to find out what was wrong with me so he can start treatment. He is very professional and caring and does such awesome work with his therapy. Will take me some time till I am back to myself but I know he will take care of me so I can get there. Thank you so much Dr. Vanderbliek and staff!"

– Grace

Extremely Happy

"Extremely happy I found them! They definitely helped me out. I love them. Thank you guys. Will definitely refer friends and family members to this office."

– Karen

Feel Great

"I have had 2 treatments, I already feel great. will continue to do so. I highly recommend try them."

– Munika

So Friendly

"I love each and everyone there. So friendly,nice. I would recommend you guys for anyone."

– Jo


"I was warmly welcomed upon arrival, even tho I was late for my first appointment! Dr. Edery was friendly, thorough, and presented a reasonable plan of action for my full recovery. The front office staff have a cheerful disposition, and are very efficient. I look forward to my appointments!"

– Deborah

Great Place

"Great place for your chiropractic needs. Small but efficient family own clinic. Affordable prices and great staff. Dr. Bert explained in detail my condition and even called me next day to follow up. That’s what I call to care for your patients. Thank you very much. You guys keep up the good work."

– Carlos

Has Latest Tools For Treatment

"This practice has some of the latest tools for treatment and that is very important to me. Staff is fantastic, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Vanderbliek is wonderful, professional and knows how to work effectively with my symptoms. I recommend this practice to all."

– Michele


"They’re just wonderful people and I’m happy with them I go to Family Wellness Chiropractic for spinal adjustment. Any questions I have, they answer, and they just always accommodate me with no problems at all. I’ve been with them for, at least ten years maybe, and I’ve been very satisfied. I recommend them to my friends and they’ve gone to Family Wellness."

– Sylvia

Great Service

"Great service. Never have to wait. Very efficient staff. Would highly recommend their office. My lower back pinched nerve is now about 90 percent better. Pain is gone. I am very pleased with the results."

– Anthony

Been The Best

"I have sought chiropractic care for joint pain for over 30 years. The care I receive from Dr Vanderbliek (Dr B) has been the best. It took a little time, but he found the adjustment which really worked and relieved the pain I had experienced for SO long in my lower back. Additionally, everyone there is friendly and caring. It’s easy to associate with this sort of treatment."

– Steve

Kind And Helpful

"I’ve been going to Family Wellness, A Chiropractic Group for many years, longer than I’ve been seeing Dr. Bert J. Vanderbliek. The whole office is just like family to me now. Everyone there is very caring, kind and helpful–everyone from Dr. Vanderbliek to Jody to the entire staff. I don’t know of any other medical office I’ve been to like that, and I’ve been to a lot over the years. I recommend them all the time to others. Also, they are community-oriented and run toy and food drives for their community. I couldn’t recommend them enough!"

– Lilia

Great Visit

"This was my first visit to a chiropractor ever and I am glad to say it was a great visit. Everyone was so friendly and very attentive to me. Dr. Vanderbliek was great; he was very professional but I felt like I had known him for many years. He eased all of my concerns and I’m am so glad I found this great office. I will definitely be referring all my friends and family to Dr. Bert Vanderbliek."

– J.F.

Positive Health Choice

"Thanks to Dr. Vanderbliek, I have made many new positive health choices in my life. I no longer suffer from chronic low back pain, and I have completely stopped taking medication for anxiety and sleep. I strongly recommend Wellness Chiropractic for anyone seeking a higher quality of life!"

– Jason C.

Improved Digestive Problems

"I have had chronic digestive problems (colitis) for many years. By having regular adjustments, my digestive health has improved greatly. The Wellness Coaching I have received from Dr. Vanderbliek has helped me achieve my weight loss goals. In addition, I have also increased my energy levels and improved the quality of my sleep. Thanks, Dr. V!!! You and your staff are the best!"

– Sativa C.


"My back feels much better. The pain occurs much less often now. I feel more relaxed and healthier overall. Thanks Dr. Vanderbliek!”

– Linda B.

Thank You

"The Wellness Center for Chiropractic Care dedicated a Saturday of free service to our pantry, and the canned food came rolling in to their office. I wish to thank them for their unselfish service to our community."

– Leila R.


"My lower back is doing GREAT. The care that I received here was outstanding."

– Jeffery P.

I’m Better Educated

"Before chiropractic care, my life was shrinking and the intake of pain pills increasing. Now I’m drug free and back on track. Best of all I’m better educated on Wellness. Let’s hope the message gets out!"

– Madelyn B.


"I was amazed how quickly Dr. Vanderbliek identified the problem and also how quickly it was rectified. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I can only conclude by saying that the trip to the chiropractor changed my life."

– Sandy S.

No More Headaches

"Not only did the headaches disappear, but visiting your office was a major stress-reliever. I also got the sense that chiropractic work is not just a business for you–you have a genuine concern for the well-being of the people coming to you for care."

– Yolande B.

Allergies Better

"My sinus allergies are better when I get adjusted, and I don’t need the shots anymore. I sleep better and can work longer hours without feeling so lethargic. My posture is back to normal again."

– Keith H.

Excellent Results

"I have always received excellent results from chiropractic care for many health problems. I know it has saved me from taking unnecessary medications and also long-term conventional care. It’s nice to go to a doctor and feel better when you leave. I’ve always been satisfied with Dr. V."

– Barbara F.

Great Results

"Great results! My back is feeling wonderful. I am able to use my thumb again."

– Louise V.

Strongly Believe in Chiropractic

"After 40+ years of treatment, we strongly believe in chiropractic."

– Neil and Laura F.

More Energy

"Adjustments free me from muscle tension that pulls on my bone structure. I have more energy and best of all, my family and I have gained friends from the smiling staff here!"

– Susan S.

Adjustment And Sports

"I play lots of sports so when I’m subluxated, I get adjusted."

– Graham S.

Back Doesn’t Ache

"My body is more “in tune”. My back doesn’t ache."

– Amber S.

Great Adjustment

"The adjustments were great. My body felt “normal” afterwards. I have also learned more about my body since my first visit.”

– Brenda H.

Regular Visits Maintain My Back Strength

"Once introduced to chiropractic care (for a sprained back), I found that regular visits maintained my back strength and reduced the minor sprains and aches."

– Owen D.

Doing Better

"I am doing much better; my overall well-being has improved, better than before."

– Ramon C.

It Works Why Try Anything Else

"I have been using chiropractic for more than fifteen years! It works–why try anything else?"

– Ray M.

Sleep Better

"I sleep better and my posture is better, and my back feels a whole lot better and more comfortable."

– Melinda D.

Happy Toddler

"Our son Avery is a very relaxed and happy toddler, which we accredit not only to our love but also to regular chiropractic adjustments (since he was an infant) and being subluxation-free. Thanks to Family Wellness and Dr. Vanderbliek, we have made chiropractic a regular life event and plan to do so for the rest of our lives."

– The Elias Family

Grateful For Treatment

"With regular chirpractic treatment, I am able to take long walks again (usually free from pain), I rarely have a headache and I am able to work again. My General Practitioner still believes it was a “spontaneous recovery” and that it was merely a coincidence that I started getting better as soon as I started seeing a chiropractor. . . .But I know better, and I am very grateful for the treatment I have received from the doctors at Family Wellness."

– Stephen B.


"To this date, I am walking most of the time–even without the assistance of my cane. I stand a few inches taller, can lay on my back (haven’t been able to do that for over 40 years), and I feel like a spring chicken!!! I think the world of you, Dr. Bert, and I just know you will get me back to normal in no time!"

– Ada J.

Road To Better Health

"The regular visits with Dr. Vanderbliek have me back (no pun intended) on the road to better health; my back, neck and head pains have all been alleviated. I feel good again!”

– Marty G.

Gladly Tell Others

"I run into a lot of people in pain at the gym and I gladly send them your way because I know you care about your patients. Many people are afraid to try a chiropractor. I know after they experience what you can do for them, they won’t be afraid anymore."

– Mary P.


"Without your help, I would not be able to lead a normal life. For that, my family and I are truly grateful."

– Sandra K. S.

Learned About Adjustments

"I’ve learned that adjustments help put my spine back in alignment and allow my body to heal itself. Also, I’ve gotten in better shape by losing weight and exercising. As a side benefit, I’ve had fewer colds and flu episodes than I used to get."

– Scott P.

Feeling Better

"I like visiting Dr. Vanderbliek. I have diabetes, Lupus, and a bad hip from a fall. . . .So, health has always been an issue with me. My hip is better. When I do the stretching exercises I feel better, too. I also refer my friends and children to him."

– Connie C.

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