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Stress and the Nervous System in Reseda CA

Our Reseda CA chiropractor knows that stress has a profound effect on the functioning of your nervous system and the quality of your life. There are three types of stress:

  1. Physical: At all stages of life, injuries, accidents, and the stresses of daily life can shift the position of the spine and affect the functioning of the nervous system. Even during the first moments of life, pressure in the birth canal can shift an infant's spine into an improper alignment.
  2. Emotional: Feelings, moods, and attitudes can change your posture, body chemistry, and nervous system function.
  3. Chemical: Junk food, alcohol, pollution, smoking, and drugs can disrupt the healthy balance of your nervous system.

The nervous system is the interface to all parts of your body. It controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It operates continuously-24 hours a day, seven days a week-to keep your body working properly. Chiropractic Reseda CA Wellness Nerve Function

Your nervous system's efficiency and effectiveness is referred to as your adaptability. When the stress in your body exceeds your body's adaptability, nerve disturbance, or distress, occurs. Your body reacts by producing vertebral subluxation patterns: small misalignments in your spinal structure.

Subluxations cause interference to the nervous system and interfere with the vital mind-body connection required for good health. If subluxations are left uncorrected, your body's organs, tissues and structures function less effectively.

Most people aren't even aware that this condition exists in their bodies. Without intervention, this downward spiral continues. The result? Disease-and premature death. Chiropractic Reseda CA Disease Nerve Function

When Chiropractic Wellness Adjustments are made to subluxation patterns, the body's adaptability begins to exceed the stress levels and the body's ability to heal and regulate itself is improved.

When stress is managed with a well-functioning nervous system, your creativity and performance in all areas of your life are enhanced. Even after the first adjustment in Reseda CA, your nervous system will adapt, and the next adjustment will build upon your previous adjustment.

The adaptability of your spine and nervous system improves as you continue with your care. You can think of chiropractic care and nervous system function as a workout program. When you begin, the frequency and intensity of your workout sessions creates changes in your body's physiological state. Once your conditioning improves, you can reduce the frequency and intensity to maintain the conditioning level you've achieved.


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