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The first thing patients notice about Family Wellness, A Chiropractic Group is its friendly, warm, family-oriented, and safe atmosphere. Children feel right at home with the many toys we have available to them in our waiting area. Our staff is highly trained in making your first and every visit an exceptional experience. We'll ask you to fill out a complete health history form so that we can identify your goals for care and obtain vital information about you and your health status. Then, we'll meet with you to review your information and perform a series of careful and specific tests. Come see what sets our Reseda CA chiropractor apart.

What to Expect in Reseda CA

Wellness Chiropractic Exam
The Wellness Chiropractic Examination focuses on the activity of the nervous system, which controls every cell, tissue, and organ of your body. The examination is completely painless. The core of the nervous system lies within the spine, so we use highly sophisticated computer technology to test the condition of your spine and nervous system function. In some cases, x-rays may be taken to evaluate in greater detail the spine and its interaction with the nervous system. The first visit takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. We carefully formulate a plan for each patient so that we can present a Relating of Findings on the second visit.

Second Visit
The purpose of this visit is to discuss the results of your first visit examinations. We'll answer your questions and listen carefully to your concerns. We'll plan a program of Wellness Chiropractic Care that is carefully tailored to your health needs and goals. You'll always have the opportunity to decide your level of commitment to this program.

Progress Exams
Our state-of-the-art spinal screening technology allows us to accurately monitor changes in your nervous system function and your body's response to Wellness Care. Your body's response to care is based on many factors, but remember: Healing takes time. Your body's innate healing ability is at work, and healing will eventually follow. We'll discuss the exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and stress management habits required for healing to take place in your body. The healing benefits you'll receive from care are directly proportional to your level of commitment to these habits. We'll monitor your adjustment schedule, and with each office visit, we'll provide encouragement and Wellness Coaching to help you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching is what sets us apart from many other chiropractic offices. As partners in your health care, we provide many resources to help you make positive health choices. In addition to one-on-one wellness consultations during every office visit, we host special events for families, and we invite guest speakers who share information on a variety of current health topics. We have a large collection of literature on wellness and chiropractic, as well as other subjects in health care.


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