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Tired of feeling sick and tired? Follow this proven system from our Reseda CA chiropractor and unleash your body's health and healing potential.

Program Reviews in Reseda CA

Dear Friends, It's true. More and more of our patients are recommending "The Path to Wellness" to their family and friends. Here's what just a few patients are saying about this total health care system:

"I have had chronic digestive problems (colitis) for many years. I once felt trapped by the almost daily discomforts of my colon. 'The Path to Wellness' program has helped me reduce my discomfort and restore my digestive health. I have increased my energy levels and improved the quality of my sleep. I highly recommend 'The Path to Wellness' to anyone seeking a better quality of life!"

~Sativa Castellucci


"Before chiropractic care, my life was shrinking and the intake of pain pills increasing. Now I'm drug free and back on track. Best of all I'm better educated on Wellness. Let's hope the message gets out!"

~Madelyn Beck


"With regular chiropractic treatment, I am able to take long walks again (usually free from pain), I rarely have a headache and I am able to work again. My general practitioner still believes it was a "spontaneous recovery" and that it was merely a coincidence that I started getting better as soon as I started seeing a chiropractor. But I know better, and I am very grateful for the treatment I have received from the doctors at Family Wellness."

~Stephen Billington

Three Natural Laws

Adopted by Wellness Care chiropractic clinics throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, "The Path to Wellness" will build you a complete foundation for natural health and healing from within. This approach is based on three fundamental laws of nature and health:

  • The spine is your body's lifeline. It houses and protects the core of your Nervous System.
  • The Nervous System controls and coordinates the activity of every cell, tissue, organ, process and system in your body. It operates continuously to keep your body working properly.
  • When your spine is properly adjusted and aligned, stress is released from your Nervous System and your body works at its best. You can enjoy good health and perform at your highest levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively.

Three-Phase Approach

"The Path to Wellness" is a three-phased approach that is based completely on these natural laws for optimal health:

  1. Release Phase. In this initial phase, we'll gather information about your health status and plan a program of care that's tailored to your unique health needs and goals. The goal of this phase is to release the stress and tension that have choked off your spinal and nervous systems.
  2. Rebuild and Reshaping Phase. This phase builds upon your progress in the first phase. We'll monitor your health status and reaffirm your commitment to your health goals. Along with a program of regular spinal adjustments and gentle spinal reshaping protocols, we'll plan an exercise program that improves overall health, rebuilds and reshape the spine and nervous system and strengthens the vital mind-body connection. Also, we'll discuss positive changes you can make to improve your posture and well-being.
  3. Wellness Phase. During this phase, we'll carefully evaluate and fine-tune the wellness care activities introduced in the second phase. To maintain and continue the improvements in your nerve function, we'll work with you to plan a schedule of spinal adjustments. We'll also introduce an important program of nutritional support called Nutriscan. For Family Wellness practice members, Nutriscan offers a complete FREE online nutrition profile.

Learn more about the many life-changing benefits of The Path To Wellness Program! (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Call us today at (818) 345-4924 to see how The Path to Wellness can help you and your family. Mention our "Website Special," and receive our computerized Nerve Function Test at no charge!

We look forward to serving you and your family's health care needs!

Bert J. Vanderbliek, D.C. and the Family Wellness Staff


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