Reseda Doctor Auto Injury Chiropractor

Reseda Doctor Auto Injury Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash in Reseda CA

Reseda Chiropractor talks about the need for a same day visit to a doctor who specializes in auto injuries.

Has this happened to you?

...I’m just sitting at the light, then I hear that familiar screech of tires and instinctively hunch up. Next, I hear the sickening crunch. But it wasn’t me… then the slam!

I know I’m OK. just a little shaken. Taking stock of myself and car, I realize I’m alive and relatively unhurt. Then the inevitable question of should I call an ambulance anyway or go to the ER and sit all night to get ibuprofen. Maybe I should go to a chiropractor. If I feel worse in the morning I’ll go. I’ll sleep on it.

Should I go to the doctor?

If you feel that a trip to the Emergency Room isn’t warranted, it is still a great idea to go see a chiropractor. You may wonder how soon you should see a chiropractor after an accident. Auto injury doctor Vanderbliek recommends "Come in right away. As soon as possible. If you can come in the same day, that is ideal. If you can get the alignment right away, it reduces the severity of the injury process."

That is the crucial idea. Getting well as soon as possible. In fact, best results come from an early intervention. First, through initial specific manipulations a chiropractor can relieve the swelling that occurs at the beginning of the injury process, aiding the body to heal itself.

Same day chiropractor doctor visit

By coming in the same day for a chiropractic examination after an auto accident the doctor can start to create a treatment plan if needed. Getting in an auto accident puts incredible stress on the body. The issues of when to get checked out and if the insurance will pay or who will and a million other questions compete to supersede your need to take care of yourself first and foremost. It is also important not to wait for the insurance settlement before you begin chiropractic treatment.

Getting an experienced doctor for auto injury to do a careful initial examination is critical for the future wellness of the patient. It is also the best way to document your case. It provides evidence of your accident to start the insurance process as soon as possible. This will give validity to your claim from the longer span of observed issues. Dr. Vanderbliek advises "By seeing the chiropractor within the first 3 days, you get the best outcome because early treatment is early healing. Same day visits are the best way to guarantee your doctor has the greatest opportunity to aid your body in healing itself." It is not possible to overstate the importance of seeing a trained auto injury chiropractor for examination. We have a tendency to think, ‘Yeah, it’s just gonna go away.’ but “It is really important to at least get checked for what may have even been a minor accident, because there may be something out of alignment that may be asymptomatic. That’s important. It’s especially important to get kids checked out because they don’t always complain about the discomfort that could be an injury so that we as adults understand. But as their parent, we know something isn’t quite right.” says Dr. Bert Vanderbliek. Not displaying more serious symptoms is a frequent misleading problem. Therefore having an experienced person look at you is vitally important. Dr. Vanderbliek recommends "Even children need to get checked. Even if they were in a car seat.”


Chiropractic care works through the specific manipulations of the body to achieve what is called alignment. Once aligned, the body has more healing resources to direct to the traumatized areas. It is a whole system approach to the body's care. Once the body is in proper alignment the added stresses of compensating for that weak area goes away and the underlying health of the patient is increased which accelerates the healing process. The manipulation brings relief through the whole body, allowing the body's natural processes to work in harmony not against each other. Dr. Vanderbliek says “We look to see how your body can heal itself and get functioning better because it has that great ability to heal and we are gonna tap into that as early as possible.” An auto injury doctor can through specific manipulations relieve the swelling that occurs at the beginning of the scarring process. It can be helped later but it’s best to aid the body to heal itself as quickly after the injury as possible.

Micro tissue damage

Micro tissue damage is very common in auto accidents. It causes tissue scarring which will have to be broken up eventually to heal the tissue. Swelling prevents the body from flushing out the scarred cells that have accumulated around the injured area. Through manipulation the scar tissue is broken up and flushed out so healthy tissue can grow and replace it. After this and maneuvering the spine the patient feels immediate relief. That's the released hormones, in addition to the analgesic effect, the body is directing them to the area to aid in healing.

Wellness Lifestyle

Once patients notice improvement after their auto injury, they frequently embrace the chiropractic lifestyle, reevaluate their life and make better life choices. "It can be a silver lining in the dark cloud of the collision. It is an unintended benefit of the collision, them being exposed to the wellness lifestyle.” It puts their life in a new light reflecting back to before the accident. Understanding their overall lack of health, how their healed body was facilitated by living better can be very impactful on people's lives moving forward. Another bright spot is their families typically get taken along for the ride and end up living a Wellness lifestyle also.

Auto injury doctor Vanderbliek reflects “This will sound kinda strange but when someone does have a crisis like an accident or work related incident, we have the opportunity to have them experience chiropractic. It gives them a different way to experience their healthcare, which is wellness care, preventative care, and chiropractic care. I have a lot of folks who stay on and get a better idea of where they are health wise because they’ve seen that, after the accident, they started to do some healthy stuff, they started to work it out and they felt better!”


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